On Sunday, the final game of the ATP 250 Indoor Hardwood Championships was held in Dallas. The winner of the tournament was Riley Opelka, and former US President George W. Bush praised his success.

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Riley Opelka

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This was Riley Opelka Week (ATP 23). In three games en route to the 2022 Dallas Open final, the American didn’t have to defend a break point and didn’t drop a set. On Sunday his opponent was Jenson Broxby (ATP 54), whom he defeated last October in Antwerp. In Texas, however, Opelka was the winner of his third title in the main series.

The beginning of the meeting could indicate that Broxby will be able to surprise the aforementioned citizen. In the third game, he even made a break point, but the 24-year-old sent a superb backhand into the line when he was in danger. As it turned out, the only chance for a breakthrough was the three-pronged younger US representative in the entire meeting. It was also the only breaking point that Opel had to defend in the entire championship!

It was decided to break the tie over the fate of the first release. The main events occurred before and after the first switching sides. Brooksby easily gave two points to a competitor who immediately earned four set tokens. The 21-year-old tennis player defended three of them, but lost the longest in the fourth rally. The opening ceremony went to Opelka’s account. His disgruntled compatriot threw the racket against the court.

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In the second installment, Brooksby did not approach the opponent with a “two”. Already in the first game he had a hard time keeping the pass, then he had a serious problem in the fifth term. It was then very lucky that Opelka broke some returns, otherwise there would have been a break. The highest-ranked Americans decided the duel in the tiebreak. He started it off with a small hack and quickly gained an advantage. He did not leave a great opportunity and scored a point in the net with the ball of the first match.

Opelka finally won 7:6 (5), 7:6 (3). I played well under pressure, especially with a great player like Jenson. It makes you uncomfortable on the court and takes me out of my comfort zone during the match. He said at the decorating party that I really had to play my best tennis to survive, and I hardly ever did.

Thanks to his win at the 2022 Dallas Open, Opelka scored 250 points in the ATP rankings. This is his third professional title in the United States. Previously he has won the New York Open (2019) and Delray Beach Open (2020). Each of the finalists in the Dallas competition will travel to Delray Beach, Florida. There Opelka was rated “two” and in the first round he got a goodbye. Brooksby will start in the first stage, but already as the top 50 tennis player in the ATP rankings.

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Dallas OpenDallas (USA)
ATP 250, hard court in the hall, total prize money of 708.5 thousand. dollar
Sunday February 13

singles final:

Riley Opelka (US 2) B Jenson Broxby (US 4) 7-6 (5) 7-6 (3)

My husband is final:

Marcelo Arevalo (El Salvador, 1) / Jan Julien Roger (Netherlands, 1) – Lloyd Glaspool (UK) / Harry Heliofara (Finland) *

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