Exciting decisions were made in the women’s field hockey quarter-finals in the morning at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. India eliminated Australia and Argentina turned out to be better than Germany.


Indian team in field hockey

Getty Images / Buda Mendes / Pictured: Indian hockey players

A small surprise happened already in the first match, as the German players, bronze medalists of the last Olympics, who took second place in their group, lost to Argentina in a ratio of 0: 3. With this, the South American team returns to the medals area after missing out on the last tournament.

Exciting decisions were made at the second meeting. In the 22nd minute, Indian Gurjit Kaur unexpectedly scored a goal from Australia, who not only won all the matches in the group stage, but also finished it with a score of 13: 1! It was the only accurate shot of the Indian woman in the entire match.

The Australians hit the net with Savita nine times, but the goalkeeper from the world’s second most populous country remained at 100% effective, being her country’s champion. The field hockey team from India advanced to the semi-finals for the first time since 1980, when women first played at the Olympic Games in this discipline.

Argentina will face India in the first semi-final. The Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom will compete for the second semi-final match in the afternoon session. Looking at the decisions in the morning, anything is possible.

Women’s field hockey quarter-final results:

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Nemesi – Argentina 0:3 (Granato 1, Raposo Ruiz de los Llanos 1, Albertario 1)

Australia – Indy 0:1 (Gurgit Core 1)

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