Returnal developers have prepared a new update, but the developers have not yet prepared the feature that some players are asking for. Housemarque fixed more bugs and invited players to play.

Housmark confirmed this a few days ago He hears complaints from playersWho expected Returnal’s normal save function, but at least now it seems – we can’t count on such attractions. The developers have just announced the details of the patch.

Patch 1.3.3 fixed a bug where some mugs were blocked, developers improved stability, removed some bugs, or fixed an issue in the suit for pre-order commands. Developers made minor fixes and improvements and removed errors related to recovery and body count in some biomes and custom console mapping.

As you can see, Housemarque’s studio isn’t wasting any time, but at least the team isn’t currently offering a feature that allows us to easily save the game. It is difficult to say whether this option will ever be realized.

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The developers have confirmed that the recent update has caused a lot of problems. Some players need to re-download the entire game:

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