Attractive prizes, wonderful emotions and modern friendships – this is only part of what awaits during the special festival of clubs of country housewives – the “Polska Od Kuchni” festival.

This is a unique nationwide event, set up with the aim of developing local culture, cuisine and traditions. The festival aims to integrate, revitalize and support local communities, promote Polish products and culinary heritage, as well as exchange knowledge and skills between generations and pass on traditions to younger generations.

In order to appreciate the contribution of the Clubs of Country Housewives to the promotion of the richness and diversity of local traditions, as well as to the deepening of knowledge of the culture of the region, the invitation was again sent to the KGW to participate in competitions involving circles from all over Poland. A little spice will add to the competition missions valuable prizes that the wheels can win at each stage of the competition.

The leitmotif of the festival and all categories of the competition will be a traditional wedding with a feast of flavours, colors and aromas with dance, music and delicious Polish food. It promises to be not only tasty, but also interesting.

We present the categories in which KGW Housewives can compete.

They will compete in the Miss Grace competition, a space for women who want to feel good. It is full of class and grace. In the Miss contest, one of the costumes in which the ladies will present themselves will be a costume that refers to the dress of the bride. The competition is held in two age groups: Miss 45 years of age And the Miss 45+.

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There will also be a traditional cooking competition where the clubs will prepare a regional dish or a modern version of it. The conflict in this category revolves around the topic of dishes served at local weddings

There will also be technical struggles. This is a competition category in which wheels can show the greatest creativity. Reports should be related to local weddings. A wedding dance, song, scene, or maybe a handmade veil? No holds barred.

After telling your story, you will also be able to earn the title of “Exceptional and Economical Woman”. The aim of the competition is to promote and support the active activities of the Country Housewives Clubs for the benefit of the local communities. It is a space where each department can showcase their successes, achievements, and activities undertaken for the benefit of local communities and the cultivation of traditions.