Makeup Notifications The shareholders were revealed in their annual accounts as Govan became the latest in the Scottish soccer team to reveal the significant impact of the Coronavirus.

City opponents Celtic It was recently announced that they were barely making a profit while Aberdeen’s losses nearly tripled as the pain from playing in empty stadiums continues to damage the game’s financial health.

The guys who have invested in Ibrox have shown they are more willing to put their hands in their pockets to fund the team and the chairman of the board. Douglas Park Director John Bennett agreed to provide additional lending facilities to ensure the club’s passage through this difficult time.

And the Ibrox The club will be looking for its major investors to help the club navigate the choppy waters ahead of it, amid continuing uncertainty over when fans will be allowed to return to the stadiums.

The major shareholders are as follows:

  • New Oasis Asset Limited , 66672893, 20.69%

New Oasis is a subsidiary of the Dave King family and it appears that the South African-based businessman is unwilling to sell his shares despite ending his term as president earlier this year.

  • Douglas Park , 40,000,000, 12.41%
  • George Alexander Taylor 31,574,998, 9.80%
  • Stuart Gibson, 25,000,000, 7.76%
  • Burita Investments Ltd. , 23,611,955, 7.33%

This company is said to be linked to a man of business, the Danish filmmaker Julian Oldhart.

  • The Club 1872 , 16,202,838, 5.03%
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The fan group is the sixth largest shareholder.

  • John Bennett 15,800,000 4.9%
  • Barry Scott 15,145,000 4.7%
  • George Letham , 14,774,516, 4.59%