Every year, a Family Business Index is prepared, which assesses the legal and tax solutions for operating family businesses in selected countries of the world. In this year’s edition, Poland ranked 12th, & nbsptso in the middle of the list covering 21 countries – informs PAP.

The leaders are the United States, Great Britain and the Netherlands. Our country did better, for example, than Germany, which ranked only seventeenth. This is one of the worst results our western neighbors have had on this list.

Family businesses in the Country Index explore six thematic areas: “taxes”, “labor costs, productivity, human capital”, “regulation”, “finance”, “infrastructure and institutions” and “energy”.

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The Germans have performed better in the past

The results of the study have not yet been announced. First of all, the German Family Business Foundation reported on & nbsp, so the most attention was devoted to the situation in Germany.


According to the study, Germany has “significant weaknesses” in the category of “labor costs, productivity and human capital” (18th). It is ranked intermediate in the “Bylaws” category, which, among other things, measures the degree of bureaucracy in a particular country (12th).