This year, Elizabeth II celebrated the platinum jubilee of her reign. Loner London, the manufacturer of handbags that the Queen is so adored, decided to celebrate this special anniversary. To mark the jubilee, the brand launched a new model, referring to the design of the iconic handbag from 1972, which once occupied an honorable place in the Queen’s wardrobe. “This is the perfect time to bring back that timeless look,” says CEO Gerald Bodmer.

On February 6, 1952, Elizabeth Alexandra Maria Windsor became the new Queen of Great Britain. The United Kingdom is celebrating this year’s platinum jubilee of the reign of the elderly king. As part of the festivities, the Queen held a series of meetings with her subjects, and somewhat festive events were held across the country to celebrate this unique round anniversary. Since 2015, Elizabeth has become the longest-reigning monarch in the history of Great Britain. She broke the record of her great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, who sat on the throne for more than 63 years.

The brand Loner London decided to honor the jubilee of the reign of Elizabeth II, which offers luxury handbags “made of the finest natural leather”. Over the years, this brand has gained recognition as the Queen herself. The Queen owns a wide range of elegant accessories from the London factory known for classic design and collaboration with the best craftsmen. In terms of design, the “Jubilee Bag” refers to the iconic handbag from 1972, which years ago often complemented Elizabeth II’s style. “This is the perfect time to take back this timeless style,” Gerald Bodmer, CEO of Loner London, told People magazine.

The Limited Collection Bag is available in five colors, priced at $3,385. The model carries a leather badge that reads “Platinum Edition Jubilee” and a distinctive gold-plated logo. “I’ve always been fond of the original handbag, so I decided to use it as my main inspiration. The strict and simple shape perfectly matches the elegant and flawless design of the Queen. Since it’s been a stick lately, I’ve tried to make the handbag as light as possible. The handles,” Bodmer explains. Big makes it easier too. She adds that she is proud to have such an exceptional client. Launer London CEO confirms: “It is truly amazing that the Queen continues to carry our handbags after so many years, supporting the small independent company that we are.” (Life PAP)

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