The British royal family arouses great feelings not only in Great Britain, but also throughout the world. Fans closely follow the news about them, more than one movie has been produced based on the fate of the monarchy. And while it might seem like we already know almost everything about Windsor, more and more curiosity about them flies into the media every now and then.

Queen Elizabeth is a relative of Kazimierz Jajeelosek

As it turned out, Elizabeth II, who has been ruling Great Britain since 1952, is a relative of Kazimierz Jajelochik, king of Poland in the years 1447-1492. The discovery was made by the website, which analyzed the complex family tree of Queen Elizabeth.

– She is the daughter of George VI, son of George V, son of Edward VII, son of Victoria of Hanover, daughter of Edward Augustus of Hanover, son of George. III of Hanover, son of Frederick Louis of Hanover, son of George II of Hanover, son of George I of Hanover, son of Zofia Dorota Wittelsbach, daughter of Frederick V. , who was the son of Frederick IV, son of Louis VI of Wittelsbach, who was the son of Maria Hohenzollern, daughter of Kazimierz Hohenzollern, son of Zofia Jagiellon, daughter of Kazimierz Jageloleczyk – we read.

As the portal indicates, Queen Elizabeth’s kinship with the Polish family stems from her father’s ancestry, King George VI, which means that other British monarchs of the Windsor dynasty were also related to Jagellon.

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The site also reminds you that Queen Elizabeth is actually a Witten dynasty. Her grandfather, for political reasons, changed the family’s German surname to the name he borrowed from the castle that had been the residence of English kings for centuries.

Interestingly, the media had previously reported the Polish origin of her mother, Prince Philip, who was a descendant of Maurice Hoek, General of the Polish Army of the Polish Kingdom, and his wife Zofia. Their grandson Ludwick, the son of Julia Hooke, married the granddaughter of Queen Victoria, Victoria Heska. Together, they had a daughter, Elijah, son Prince Philip.

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