Dmitriy Mazepin is in trouble. Haas does not want to return the money he paid at the start of the 2022 season. At the same time, the F1 team is demanding compensation. Even Russian lawyers are not ruling out a possible trial for Haas.

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Vladimir Putin (left) and Dmitriy Mazepin

Press material / / In the photo: Vladimir Putin (left) and Dmitriy Mazbin

This is an unexpected turn in Dmitriy Mazepin’s relationship with Hass. When the Formula 1 team announced, in early March, that it was ending cooperation with the Russian company Uralkali, which was the result of the country’s invasion of Ukraine, the American oligarchy threatened with a lawsuit. He announced that he would demand a refund of the money he deposited into the F1 team’s account at the beginning of 2022.

It became clear on Thursday that Haas had no intention of returning Mazepin $13 million. Furthermore, the team went on a counterattack and demanded $8.6 million in damages.

The billionaire from Russia has something to think about, because even local lawyers do not exclude that Hass will get a court ruling in his favour. – In this case, a lot depends on the applicable law and where the dispute will be resolved. I suspect the case will go to court in Great Britain or the United States – said the “champion”, Anna Anilkiewicz, a lawyer, who deals with sports law.

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Despite the West’s condemnation of Vladimir Putin and the oligarchs who live near him in the face of Russian aggression against Ukraine, the court must remain impartial. Commercial courts do not consider the basis of the political context, they mostly focus on the provisions of the contract. Otherwise, Ansilovich said, he would jeopardize the entire system of global economic relations.

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What exactly was in the agreement between Haas and Mazbina? The Americans cited a clause allowing for the termination of cooperation when Uralcala’s actions negatively affect the team’s image. In their opinion, the relations of the oligarch with Putin are harmful to Hass, he does not condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Mazepin is on the list of entities subject to Western sanctions.

Haas demands compensation of $ 8.6 million from Mazepin, because this amount was to be received from the Russian oligarch as part of the second bail tranche in 2022. The first amount, amounting to $ 13 million, was already paid at the beginning of the year .

– The important thing is that the company is not subject to penalties except for its owner. Haas sponsorship agreement with Mazepin was not concluded, so not everything is so simple in this case – he evaluated the Russian shepherd.

Are Hass’ allegations against the Urals true? It all depends on the terms of the contract. It’s hard to comment because I haven’t seen her. However, it is likely to be yes. If there is an appropriate provision in the documents and the court finds that Haas is entitled to terminate the bail contract in this case, then compensation can be awarded. Only that Haas would have to apply for it in a separate trial, first winning a positive judgment in the event of a breach of contract – Ansilovich summed up.

Haas was sponsored by Dmitriy Mazepin in 2021, thus securing a place in Formula One for his son Nikita. The Russian billionaire transferred about 25-30 million dollars to the accounts of the American team in the first season of cooperation, which saved it from bankruptcy. The sponsorship agreement for this year’s campaign was just as much.

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As a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Hass not only broke off cooperation with Uralkali, but also threw a 23-year-old driver from Moscow from its ranks. But Nikita Mazepin believes in returning to Formula One. If that proves impossible, his plan B is to start his off-road racing career.

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