Sony has started a promotion introducing new features in PlayStation 5. After video guides are available to PlayStation Plus customers, it’s time for activities that, according to the manufacturer, are to encourage play.

There are many interesting options in the PS5 system, and it seems that Sony wants to promote the new console menu options. this week The company mentioned the evidence provided to PlayStation Plus customers, a The latest materials bring activities closer.

As you know, PlayStation 5 owners can pause the game to enter the production subpage – this is where we can find, among other things, additional challenges or special tasks.

Sony believes that the technology set up allows interested parties to better experience single-player games, because PS5 users can use cards to check their progress on trophies or quests.

Admittedly, the PlayStation 5 system is really extensive. Let’s hope that more developers will be eager to use the extensive menu options – so that fans of the game can better experience their favorite adventures.

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