Students and alumni of the Second Class Diocesan School of Music and the Church Music College in Glivice, on Friday, finished the school year.

The ceremony began with a mass of thanksgiving in the church of Mar. Albert the Great, during which the father. Adam Cusack, Glees Parish Writer for Church Music, blesses graduates with a Diploma in Church Music.

This year, three students completed their education at the Parish High School of Music: Daniel Nessler of the Parish of St. Families in Zawadzki, Łukasz Macha of the parish of St. Nicholas in Mikołów-Borowa Wieś and Benedykt Szostok of St. Jadwiga in Gliwice-Brzezinka.

Last year’s alumni of the College of Church Music who were blessed are: Daniel Padura of the parish of St. Nicholas in ibwibie, Joanna König of the Parish of St. Pius X and St. Maria Goretti in Kędzierzyn-Koźle-Blachownia, Klaudia Kusz of the Diocese of Holy Trinity in Wieszów, Patrycja Mierzwa of the Diocese of St. Anthony in Roszowicki Las and Mateusz Świerczok of the parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary, aiding Christians in Gliwice-Sośnica.

During the Mass, certificates were also received by the graduates of the last year’s edition of the Psalmist cycle: Wiktoria Bednarska, Magdalena Machnik and Zofia Przypeta of the Parish of St. Anna in Babes, Emilia Prodziak from the parish of St. Joseph in Krupsky Moen, and Violetta Jaorska of the Parish of St. Barbara in Bitum, Ewa Miketin from the parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Gliwice, Zofia Solich from the parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Rosary in Nodza and Dorota Zurik from the NSPJ parish in Zabrze-Rokytnica.

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After the Divine Liturgy, the Principal of the School, Dr. Mariola Brzoska, summarized the end of the school year and distributed prizes to the winners of the competitions and the students who achieved the best results.