Sony has presented gamers with a huge list of products that debuted as part of the new PlayStation Plus, but it has already been confirmed which games will be removed from the service.

Sony plans to expand the PlayStation Plus library twice per month, but we can be sure that some games are also removed from the service. Rotation also appears on competitive Xbox Game Pass or streaming platforms that provide access to movies and series.

In the case of PlayStation Plus, players should learn about Shadow Warrior 3 and Siberia as soon as possible, because these two titles will be removed from the list in July. It is very likely related to the PlayStation Now offering – the games were previously added to the catalog and Sony will have to pay again to get into production.

PS Plus Premium and Extra – Which games are leaving the service soon?

  • Shadow Warrior 3 – 5 July
  • Siberia – 19 July
  • NBA 2K22 – August 31
  • WRC 10 – 31 August
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 – September 20
  • Red Dead Redemption – October 17
  • Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare – October 17

Currently, Sony hasn’t confirmed exactly how many games it will offer in the new PS Plus, but we should get specific details next week – after all, the company should have its July premiere.

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