The burial of soldiers of exceptional merit or of poor families is organized and paid for by the local authorities It can be seen in the uniform appearance of the tombs of the fallen Ukraine And the inscription of the state “Eternal Remembrance”.

According to the procurement data from the state budget, analyzed by Mehmet Abjasnet, even in small towns, purchases include hundreds of items related to funeral rites. During the past three months, they were counted as commercial purchases, in accordance with the Law “On Special Types of Purchases of Legal Entities” and – less frequently – according to the Law “On Procurement from the State Budget”. The channel cites “sad statistics”, but it must be emphasized that next to each item it publishes a link to the transaction in question:

Łabytnangi City, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Population: 26000 110 intersections were purchased.

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