Przemys³aw Czarnek, Minister of Education and Science announced that in the future, high school leaving exams will be more difficult than they are today. The head of the Ministry of Education referred to the current situation in education and changes in the learning style imposed by the Coronavirus epidemic, but future high school graduates may expect changes in test requirements.

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Przemislav Kosarnik: We’ll beat the epidemic, and then we’ll catch up

Minister of Education and Science on air Wnet Radio Asked on Wnet Radio, he admitted that the changes to education caused by the pandemic have taken an unquestionable loss:

They are certainly not small. Even the best distance learning cannot replace hard learning. Aside from the fact that we lose community, connection with the environment and peers, we are losing direct contact with teachers and the opportunity to explain certain things to each other.

– Przemislav Kazarnik admitted.

The losses are certainly not small, but we will compensate for them. Let’s beat the pandemic, and then we’ll make up

– The minister added.

Only lower exam thresholds this year

As the ministry announced, the Matura and eighth grade exams will be easier this year. However, Przemiso points out in Chernick that this is one decision, and one should not expect that the change will be permanently introduced, also in later years.

We don’t know what will happen next year, and we don’t know how long the pandemic will last. If it is possible to go back to school in an instant, we certainly will not lower these thresholds for the next year. However, for this year it had to be done

The minister said.

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Przemislav Kazarnik: The Matura tests will be more difficult

Przemiswa in Kazarnik, when asked what she thinks of Anna Zalowska, the former head of the Ministry of National Education, about the difficulty level of the Matura exams, she agreed that the Matura exams should be more difficult, similar to the Matura exams from the 1990s.

Parents are about back to school.  Parents are about back to school. “Students are divided into more or less need.”

That is why we are preparing a regulation regarding the baccalaureate in the new eight plus four system. […] We will communicate the details when the list is ready and when the experts have finished their work. But we are certainly heading in the direction that Minister Anna Zaliuska mentioned, namely, to return to the previous status quo of the regime, six plus three plus three.

– Przemislav Kazarnik said. Perhaps this is not good news for future high school graduates, who have been stopped by the coronavirus epidemic for so long at home, in front of computers, forcing them to study remotely.

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