The highest ranking US military officer, General Mark Milley, spoke in favor of establishing a permanent US base on NATO’s eastern flank. As he explained, soldiers stationed at bases can stay there on a rotational basis.

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My advice would be: let’s get creative permanent rulesbut let us not permanently center, and the stabilization effect can be through rotational forces The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said during a hearing of the Armed Forces Committee that he is passing through permanent rules Parliament.

Thus Milley answered a question from Republican Congressman Mike Rogers about establishing bases in the states east wing of NATO, including. in Poland and Romania.

As the General explained, the proposed solution will be more economical, and at the same time give the effect of the permanent presence of the United States in the region.

I also think that many of our allies, such as the Baltic states, Poland or Romania, are very willing to establish permanent bases. They’ll build it, pay for it, etc., Millie said.

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Participation in the meeting Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin He stated that the topic was under discussion before the NATO summit in June in Madrid and that if the alliance decided that the troop deployment needed to be redeployed, the United States would “certainly be a part of it.”

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