Prince Louis can be heard speaking for the first time when he joins Prince George and Princess Charlotte for the Sir David Attenborough contest on the natural world.

Share it in a great video Kensington PalaceThat was filmed By their parents Kate Middleton and Prince William in the garden at Kensington Palace last month, the three children can be heard asking the idol a question.

But Prince Louis, too old He’s two and a half years old, who really steals the spotlight as he gently asks, “What animal do you like?”

Sir David replies, “ I think I like monkeys the most because they are so much fun! They can jump everywhere and not bite. Some do, but if you’re careful they don’t. They are very funny and I like them very much. Keep in mind that monkeys cannot sit around the house as this is not where they live. They live in the jungle.

So what can you get in the house you like? What would you choose – puppy or kitten? It’s a very difficult question … I think I’m going for a puppy.

Prince Louis (pictured), aged two and a half, can be heard speaking for the first time asking Sir David Attenborough: “What animal do you like?” In an amazing video shared by Kensington Palace

In response to Prince Louis' wonderful question, Sir David replied:

In response to Prince Louis’ wonderful question, Sir David replied: “I think I like monkeys the most because they are so much fun! They can jump everywhere and not bite.

At the beginning of the clip, adult Prince George asks: “Hello David Attenborough, what animal do you think will become extinct next?”

Sir David replied: ‘Let’s hope there isn’t anything. There are a lot of things we can do when animals are in danger of extinction. We can protect them.

About 40 years ago I was with some mountain gorillas in central Africa. The mountain gorillas at the time were very, very rare – only two hundred fifty were left.

We showed pictures of them on television screens all over the world and people thought how terrible it would be if they became extinct.

They signed up a lot of money and a lot of people came to help and now, there are over a thousand of them. So you can save an animal if you wish and keep your mind in mind. People all over the world do this because animals are so precious. Let’s hope there are no more things going to become extinct.

at the same time, Princess Charlotte, who can be seen with her hair scraped in a ponytail and in her school uniform, says: ‘Hey David Attenborough, I love spiders, do you like spiders too?

Prince George asks the idol:

Prince George asks the idol: “What animal do you think will become extinct next?”

Sir David answers: “ I love spiders, I’m glad you love them! I think it’s cool stuff. Why do people fear them?

I think the reason for this is that they actually have eight legs, which are a lot more than us. If you have eight legs, you can move in any direction until you are not sure which direction this spider is going. So people don’t like them and they don’t like those hairy legs either.

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But spiders are very smart. Have you ever tried watching someone build their web? This is extraordinary. How to make this circular network like that connected to trees on either side or parts of vegetation. How do they do that? Try, watch and see how they do it. It is a nice!

Young royals join a series of celebrities – including David Beckham, Billie Eilish and Dam Judi Dench – who also asked Sir David some questions via video to coincide with the release of his movie in theaters, as of Sunday, October 4, on Netflix.

The children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recorded their questions to him before they had a chance to meet him in person on September 24.

There, he spent watching his new movie David Attenborough: A Life on This Planet with Prince William in the garden at Kensington Palace.

Sir David Attenborough, who was unveiling his new documentary – and which received a reception from three enthusiastic young fans, Princes George, seven, Louis, two, and Princess Charlotte, five, after the show.

Seven-year-old George presented a tooth from an extinct giant shark, which lived 23 million years ago, and found it on a family vacation to Malta in the late 1960s.

All three kids are interested in dinosaurs and were fascinated by the megalodon fossil and enthusiastically posed a number of questions to Sir David.

A palace aide said, “ The kids really like Sir David and it was the first time they’d met, even though they had always wanted to. So they were so happy, and you can see from Charlotte’s reaction in the photo how excited she is.

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They were fascinated by shark teeth and Sir David explained how he found them, how old they are and how they were preserved in the fine yellow limestone of Malta.