Presentation of the Copernicus Small Science Centers in Popolis


Today, on August 29 this year, during the 4th National Festival “Grateful for the Polish Village” in Popolis, a presentation was made to the Copernicus Small Science Centers. In the thematic pavilion, we have prepared a number of attractions for children and their parents. Thank you for this great interest!

Today, the national harvest festival “Grateful to the Polish countryside” was held in Popolis. During the event, we introduced the small Copernican Science Centers. The pavilion filled with interactive science games was very popular with children and adults. Under the professional supervision of teachers from Naukobus – a ministerial project implemented in cooperation with the Copernicus Science Center – children and adolescents with their parents can play the role of discoverers and innovators.

Visitors to the pavilion awaited an interactive exhibition displaying selected scientific fields. During use, the devices became laboratories explaining phenomena and processes related to the wonderful world of natural science. There were also exhibits where you could take on logical, construction and engineering challenges.

Small Copernican Scientific Centers are being created as part of the government program “Polish Deal”. They are included among the ten major projects proposed by the Polish LADA. The program provides to build MCNK scores across the country in the years 2021-2024. It will be an investment of 350 million PLN.

The establishment of the Small Copernicus Scientific Centers aims to:

  • Equal educational opportunities for children and youth,
  • increasing access to scientific resources,
  • Strengthening social and scientific capital in local communities,
  • ensuring the high quality of the implemented programs,
  • Facing the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic,
  • Building a commitment to science among children and teens,
  • influence on social activation,
  • local entrepreneurship development,
  • create new jobs,
  • Carry out science popularization activities.
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The first small Copernican Science Center will start as part of the SOWA project in September.