Portuguese services dismantled two international gangs specializing in transporting milk to Great Britain. By Monday evening, nine executives from the two criminal groups had been arrested.

The daily Diario de Noticias, citing police information, stated that smugglers of Albanian origin have been working in Portugal for at least a decade. In total, both criminal groups were supposed to include several hundred people at that time.

Smugglers organized illegal trips to Portugal for the citizens of Kosovo and Albania, then transported them mainly to Great Britain. The transfer to the islands took place from mainland Portugal or from the archipelago of the Azores that belong to that country.

According to Portuguese police, Albanian gangs collected between 12,000 and 15,000 of every illegal immigrant who were taken to the UK. euro. This amount included the costs of transportation and accommodation in Portugal, as well as the value of obtaining false documents.

Investigators show that the police have already secured the materials the gangs use to prepare fake passports. These “presses” operate in many Portuguese cities, including. In Lisbon, Faro, Lajes, Ponta Delgada and in Porto.

Police estimate that they thwarted a total of 522 illegal immigrants from Portugal to the islands, whom Albanian gangs attempted to transport. Some of these people planned to go to Ireland.

From Lisbon, Marcin Zatika (PAP)

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