April 19, 2022, 20:25

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Erik Wolpaw, the writer of many of Valve’s work, has expressed his desire to create Portal 3. In a recent podcast, he advocated getting the work started before it was too late.

In the site’s last podcast Kiwi Talks Guest starring Eric Woolbaugh – screenwriter Gate 2And Psychological pioneers And Episodes half life 2 (Also help with Half-life: Alex). A Valve employee spoke excitedly about a possible sequel Gate 2. The presentation ended with the words:

We have to start production Gate 3. […] I’m not getting younger. We’ve reached the point where we are literally too old to work on it Gate 3So we just have to do it.

When life gives you lemons…

Woolbau suggested it Invitation to start production Gate 3 May make a minor contribution to a potential project. After all, the writer – as he himself claims – had no problems getting along with Gabe Newell (Valve director).

However, he sees the problem as finding people willing to implement Gate 3. About 300 people are expected to work at Valve, each working on specific projects.

Finding about 75 people willing to give up what they are currently doing in the company would be a very difficult sentence.

Gateway 2 issues

As an example, Wolpaw cites the situation with Gate 2. At some point, most of the staff working on it gave up participating in the creation of the project and started building left 4 dead 2.

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Fortunately, a small group managed to get the series back on track including. By restoring the portals (the sequel was originally supposed to be based on different gameplay mechanics). This resulted in employees eventually returning to finish the job.

Money from shower curtains

At one point in the podcast, Walbow addressed Gabe Newell directly with the words:

hi, finally [na Portalu 3 – dop. red.] We would have earned a little. Although the problem is what the money will be. Do the likes of those who stream from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Mostly not. But maybe not every game needs to make money off the counter strike. You know, Gabe, if you’re listening… – said Woolbaugh, laughing.

Portal inspiration for free on Steam

The game is also worth noting Tag: paint strengthThis is from yesterday Available for free on Steam. The game was originally released in 2008. It was she who inspired the creators Gate 2 To play with gels with different properties.

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