Rzeczpospolita wrote that the salary of the general manager who runs the office of House Marshall, Elipita Wittek, increased by 60 percent in a few months. As a result, Magdalena Soma, who occupies this position, gets about 16,000 total.

Rzeczpospolita explains that the salary of the Director General of the Office of Sejm Marshal is determined on the basis of one of the supplements to the Remuneration Regulations for the staff of the Chancellery of Parliament. It calculates the numbers, which are then multiplied by the base amount for government officials.

“In 2009, when Bronisław Komorowski was Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, these figures were set at 4.4 for the base salary and 1.2 for the job allowance, a total of 5.6. The base amount then was 1835.35 PLN, which means that the General Director received 10.3 thousand PLN ” – He writes the daily newspaper.

In 2011, the base amount decreased to PLN 1766.46, and in 2017 it increased to PLN 1789.42 and remains at that level to this day. “The changes did not have a significant impact on the salaries of the general managers of the post-guards’ offices, who earn about 10,000 a month,” wrote Rzeczpospolita.

How much does the Chief of Staff of the House of Representatives Marshall earn?

The newspaper asserts that the hack occurred on November 24, 2021. Then, as reported by Rzeczpospolita, the head of the House Chancellery, Agnieszka Kaczmarska, signed an appendix to the regulations on remuneration for the staff of the House Chancellery. According to the appendix, the base salary multiplier increased to 5.3, and the job bonus – to 1.3. The CEO began to earn 11.8 thousand. zloty.

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“Another increase occurred several days ago. On April 5, the Chairman of the House Chancellery signed an addendum to regulations with a date of retroactive entry into force from March 1, which provides for an increase in the base salary multiplier to 7.04, and the job bonus – to 1.92. That Magdalena Słoma began to earn almost exactly 16,000 PLN ”- reports the daily.

“Rzeczpospolita” at the beginning of April this year. The House Information Center asked the reason for the large increase, but until the article was published, the newspaper had not received an answer.

Main image source: Szymański / PAP