Ursula Kakzorowska: The World Ends. Not the first time – from a scientific point of view.

Dr. Stephen Webster: Absolutely. We constantly hear about the innovation of science, but as it is introduced, we say goodbye to old solutions, which were also innovative in the past. In other words, science always conveys an end and at the same time announces the beginning of something new.

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Is it good or bad that scientists are so close to politicians?

Science is part of social life – it belongs to society. In theory, there should be nothing wrong with the close relationship between scientists and politics that influence the organization of the science world on a daily basis. But you have to be careful. The uncertainty associated with who advises a particular government will never be associated with the role of a politician who must make a decision and convince the public of it. Science can share knowledge on an ongoing basis, but it has no right to make political decisions that affect human life not only from a medical point of view but also from an existential aspect. A healthy body needs a holistic view – which is why politicians use a pool of experts from different fields.

Politics is inevitable

Boris Johnson often attended conferences with only one counselor – a medical advisor. He reiterated that the science behind the decisions he makes.

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The pandemic creates a temptation to hide behind the backs of scientists. It is dangerous. Scientists cannot take responsibility for political decisions.

People are so tired of politics that some would definitely prefer a world ruled by a pandemic.

This does not change the fact that this scientist must become partly political and make purely political decisions – scientific knowledge will only be a small component. Politics is inevitable.