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The ice cover in the hall of the ice rink has disappeared and a modern multi-purpose sports field has appeared. It has just been assembled. There are no such roofed places where you can play soccer, volleyball, hand saw or even indoor tennis at Nowy Sącz. Also, there are not many playgrounds in the city.

– I am glad that this summer we are turning the skating rink into a football field, as well as a volleyball field – he says Ludomir Handzel, Head Nowy Sącz. – I hope this space will serve athletes and residents for many years to come.

The paved surface is FIVB approved.

– International competitions can be held on this roof – he adds Marcin Rognadirector of the Municipal Sports and Recreation Center of Nowy Sącz, which operates many municipal sports facilities.

You can now play tennis on the indoor ice rink. There is a stadium dedicated to this sports discipline, but there is also a field for handball and football.

– We warmly call all residents of Nowy Sącz. Sports and exercise mean health – added the head of the ministry.

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It took about a month to prepare the multifunctional stadium. The assignment was carried out by a specialized company selected in a bid. I also ordered and made a special deck. The construction of a multifunctional field consumed about 250 thousand. zloty.

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As director Rogna says, the new stadium is now at the residents’ disposal during gym hours – from 8 pm. There are changing rooms and toilets at the residents’ disposal.

The multifunctional playground in the indoor ice rink hall will be available until mid-November at the latest, then the roof will be folded and the playing field will be replaced with the indoor ice rink again.

[email protected], Photo: print screen fb / President Ludomir Handzel.