Police raided the suspect who shot a man in the church. The victim died in front of the mother. Seattle Police say the perpetrator has been identified.

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He was killed in the church

According to Fox News, the accident happened on Wednesday just after 4 pm local time in the Rainier Valley neighborhood, south of the city. The culprit entered the temple, where there was a meeting of the Emerald City Bible Fellowship, about 40 people attended, and he opened fire.

A young man died on the spot. Witness to the accident: Leslie Milton Jr. In an interview with KIRO, he said that several people went to help the seriously injured man and take him out of the church.

Once, the mother came out waving her fists and shouting, “Whoever you killed my son, I will find you.”

The man was saying.

Find the culprit

Police confirmed that the only victim was a man. The motive for the murder is not yet known. It is also not known if the killer and his victim knew each other. Police raids the suspect. It has also been confirmed that the perpetrator has been identified.

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