Big donations are a surefire way to get attention in a Twitch broadcast, but such performing gestures may not always make the broadcast person feel comfortable, even if they are grateful for it. And so, one of the most visible streamers on Twitch halted the giant donations for its broadcast.

Ambitious Vtuber And the Twitch juggernaut Faith “Buchimani” Anis She announced on Twitter in early November that from now on, donations on her channel would have a cap. You can no longer donate more than $ 5 to Anys, which is asking viewers instead to take that money and give it to those who need it more than they need.

It’s a very classy move, and it goes against the ways in which many influencers operate. But, as one of the biggest channels on Twitch, Anys can potentially afford it. Earlier in 2020, the bubbly character announced A multi-year deal with TwitchAnd while specific amounts were not disclosed, you must imagine that they were worth a penny. Anys has also garnered a lot of attention this year, as has the Her latest live broadcast at AOC Viewers are encouraged to vote – which means that even if the donations are less, they still get paid.

Viewers took the change positively, One recent donation He jokes that they will use the extra money to buy “double the RAM” on their computers now. This same live broadcast saw Anees explain her decision a little more, stating that she believed watching the live broadcast, and especially its sponsored streams, was a better sign of support than the sums of money. She also encouraged people to participate in the chat.

“Even when people sometimes donate $ 20 to me, I feel guilty,” she said during the same live broadcast.

She said later in the same clip: “When people donate more, I feel they have certain expectations – I feel so bad.” “Like, if I feel that I cannot meet their expectations, in terms of my reaction or what they expect me to do …”

Anys continued later: “Even writing, like, hilarious meme responses when we’re doing things with care … That kind of thing can mean a lot.”

Most of the responses on social media were also very positive. “Girl, I did it again,” wrote Cassitron, a senior Twitch user, in an announcement by Anees. “Constantly raising the bar for all of us and doing it flawlessly.”

While Anys did not respond in time to the press, Streamlabs – the makers of the tool it uses to curb donations – told that this was the first time anyone had asked them to help them find a way to cut their donation amounts. Typically, many of the products that Streamlabs makes, such as dedicated advice pages, help encourage people to invest in their streaming equipment.

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“While Pokimane was the first to do so, we see this appealing to other streamers,” said Ashray Urs, Head of Product at Streamlabs. In the future, he added, Streamlabs wants to add jobs for anyone looking to limit their donations.

“We are exploring ways in which broadcast creators can limit donations and send any amount that increases directly to a charity of their choice,” the delegate said. And sure, on social media at least, a few Twitch users have expressed an interest in doing the same. Meanwhile, others just wonder if this will encourage people to donate more than once.