On the occasion of the Steam Decka premiere, Valve has developed a free demo that introduces customers to the possibilities of new equipment in a fun way. Let’s check out the Aperture Desk Job topic.

Representatives of the American company managed to warm the atmosphere before the debut of the mobile device that many gamers have been waiting for. Steam Deck will be sent to the first recipients, who will confirm orders, on February 28, and the latest announcement shows the model in all its glory. However, the product has another attraction up its sleeve.

Aperture Desk Job, a free short production made specifically for Steam Deck, will be available on March 1. The main objective of the title developed by Valve is to show players about the controls and functions of a laptop as interesting as possible. By playing the role of a newly hired employee who wants to climb the career ladder, we get to know all the flavors of equipment.

“Aperture Desk Job changes the topic already brought up which is walking simulators and puts the player in a musky, endorphin-filled light in the world of sitting behind a desk.”

As the creators explained, the free game is not the next installment in the Portal series, despite it being set in the same universe. The player, after being placed on the controls of Aperture Science, lands behind the desk.