In Fortnite, it’s relatively rare for skin to contain elements that are so irritating. This time, however, Epic didn’t pay attention to small details.

Skins in Fortnite from time to time contain some bugs with some of their elements displayed. Developers usually fix it quickly (unless it’s a Nintendo Switch), but this time it’s not a bug, but a specific backpack arrangement.

And while many people completely missed it, some are already starting to bring back entire TRON sets. It should be noted, however, that this is simply due to the specific arrangement of the skin due to the positioning performed.

Small details became the subject of discussions

A Reddit user who goes by the nickname “Hip_Fridge” pointed out to players that the backpack is clearly twisted into TRON men’s leather.

And while that won’t interest many, some have already started writing about a planned comeback of the skin just with this little ingredient. A real “perfect hell”. However, there is nothing much wrong here – it happens on the menu in a particular mode.

Both types are created almost identically and differ only in the general form. There is no difference in the game and the backpack is properly positioned.

Epic probably won’t change anything at all here, as it doesn’t have any higher level for it. The display of the displaced disc can only be seen in the hallway, and this does not appear to be very important.