It is a shot in which an employee enters the office of the Tęcza club president and gives a speech in praise of the employer to the treasury, and at the end the famous chant: “Lubu dubu, Lubudubu, long live our club president, we lived.” Piotr Gowssowski published this portion of the film in dubbing. In this release, the employee’s monologue (from the movie Jarząbek) ends with the words: “It was me, Camille Tomasz, that was the second division coach,” and the hero addresses Telewizja Polska’s boss – Jacek Kurski.

Gąsowski posted his new edition on social media. He said to her, “Hey, honey!” Mi is is back in a new version !!! And this is the video I suggest for International Vaseline Day !!! No date specified! Do you have any suggestions ?! “.

He also addressed the actor Thomas Camille directly. Tomic! I still think you are a top notch provider! This is definitely indisputable! I still think so! But since I am also a ‘cabaret’, I couldn’t deny myself sharing this cinematic connection with my followers! And … a great surprise! ” – he wrote.

In the end, he welcomed the presenter who had just ridiculed him and added: So humanely and paternalistic … I join my congratulations on the “Miracle of Life” (this is an allusion to the words that Camille welcomed the family. TVP President Jacek Kurski at the Easter party “Miracle of Life” Ed.).

The reshaping of the scene from “Teddy” has caused a sensation on the Internet. Someone commented on Facebook saying that the text could still be “improved”: “I would replace a“ second class coach ”with a“ class c presenter ”- an internet user suggested. On Instagram, Maciej Dowbor turned to Gąsowski:“ I laughed to tears. … because I will never see you again in any TVP production. I love you “.

Dowbor, a friend of G whosowski, bothered him that Gąs will now be indicted on “Your Face Looks Familiar” for the rest of his life (on this show, which airs on Polsat, Gąsowski is one of the hosts, editor). . Polsat proposes to renegotiate the contract with Polsat. “The peasant had no alternative anyway, so it was much cheaper,” added Maciej Dobour, decorating his comment with lots of smiling faces. Gusovsky replied to his friend: “Sheit ***! I gave Polsat an idea unnecessarily! But from what I remember, our boss also has a wardrobe, so in case there is anything… I’ll register there!”

Gąsowski’s remaking was also much admired by the dream of Rogalska, a journalist and TV presenter, who left TVP in February of this year after 12 years in the business. There she ran, among others, the morning program “A Question for Breakfast” – with Thomas Camille. Under Gąsowski’s Instagram post, Rogalska posted happy codes and wrote: Gsu! But how wonderful your voice is in this new version of “Teddy”. How to precisely put it in turk’s legs (Jerzy Turek – Wacław Jarząbek in “Miś”, Editor’s note).

The unfavorable comments of Puter Josowski are a minority. Rather, they are suggestions that “the joke is below his level.” (Life PAP)

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