Who can participate in the training?

Starting today, April 8th, any enthusiastic PHE teacher from Elementary, Secondary, and Early Childhood can enroll in the training. He doesn’t have to do this on the first day. Registration will be open until the end of the academic year.

Each instructor can only participate in one training course. It will be comprehensive and cover issues related to approaches to coping with the effects of reduced mobility – lethargy, social isolation or health problems arising from the pandemic. Psychological issues will also be discussed during the workshops.

How can a teacher apply for training?

It will be possible to apply for the training via the form available on the program’s website www.wfzawf.pl.

For registration, the teacher will be required to enter a special code into the form, which the school principal will provide him with. After completing the form, the application will be sent to the appropriate AWF-specific training center. The academy will send the teacher a confirmation of registration for training. After receiving information about the possibility of starting training, each teacher training center will provide information about the date and form of the specific training.

We remind you that each university has individual, dedicated delegations, through which teachers can apply for training:

• AWF Warszawa – Mazowieckie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie;

AWF Warsaw branch in Biaa Podlaska – Lublin and Podlasie.

• AWFiS in Gdansk – Zachodniopomorskie, Pomorskie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie;

AWF Katowice – Śląskie and ódzkie;

• AWF Wrocław – Dolnośląskie and Opolskie;

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AWF Kraków – Podkarpackie, Świętokrzyskie and Małopolskie;

• AWF Pozna – Wielkopolskie and Lubuskie.

When will teacher training begin?

The exact date to start training depends on the epidemic situation. We assume teacher classes will start in April. A detailed teacher training schedule will be provided by the competent AWF. Dates will also be posted on the site www.wfzawf.pl

What’s Next?

Teachers who complete the first phase of the project will receive a certificate and be able to apply for funds for additional student sporting activities along with their school that wants to apply to the program. Classes are designed for groups of up to 20 people. This will allow about 300 thousand. Hours of seasons.

We encourage you to visit the “WF z AWF” program website.

We invite you to read the information on the site www.wfzawf.pl. This is where the teacher training application form comes in. Additionally, it is also a knowledge base. A detailed description of the training divided into educational stages, in addition to contact details for the training centers.

More information on the opening of the program