This morning Host Philip Schofield apologized for the show on Wednesday after the show accidentally cut short two minutes of silence on Memorial Day.

The show shared the nod in regards to souls lost in the war while projecting footage from the Cenograph on screen.

The clock rang on the clock, but only seconds later, an advertisement from a live broadcast at City Hall, Belfast began speaking.

A man said: It’s two minutes and 11 minutes, thank you for joining us in this memorial work and staying silent for two minutes.

The broadcaster in Belfast ended the silence earlier than the rest of the country

Retreating from the studio, Phil said, “I think someone’s clock was wrong halfway through two minutes of silence there.

“But these things happen.”

One viewer said, “This morning there was two minutes of silence interrupted. Not only did they speak during the silence but then they cut the end of the silence to have a conversation. Wonderful.”

Philip apologized for the embarrassing slip

Another anger raged: “So well done this morning for two minutes of silence!”

A third complained: “I spoke more than half two minutes of silence! I had to switch to the BBC because I thought my phone must be wrong. Not good! #This morning “.

Another observer joked: “Lest we forget … how do we determine the time.”

But others held on to the man who spoke, as one tweeted, “It was not a mistake #This morning or Embed a Tweet And the Embed a Tweet The man from Belfast spoke during two minutes of silence.

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“The Belfast watch should be a little out!”

* This morning airs weekdays at 10 AM on ITV