For the fifteenth time in the past few weeks, environmental activists from the group Insulate Britain have taken to the streets. They are calling for all leaky homes in Britain to be isolated. Some are stuck in the road. Videos of their protest appeared on the Internet.

This time, Insulate Britain’s goal is the streets to the City of London, where 61 climate activists sit on the road in three locations, some stuck in the asphalt. As reported by Sky News, their protests, as in the past, anger many people who complain about their inability to get to work because bus traffic has stopped there. Protesters are forcibly removed from the road by the police.

The group’s spokesman, Liam Norton, called the British government a “traitor” for, he said, “betrayed” citizens and “leading the country on the path of genocide.”

‘We know society is frustrated’

“We know the public is frustrated and angry at the upheaval we have caused. They should know that one way or another this country will have to stop emitting carbon dioxide. We can do it now in an orderly and planned way, isolating homes and preventing thousands of deaths due to lack of fuel, or we can Wait until millions lose their homes and struggle for water or starve.”

British segregation activists protest again

Before the October 14 break, Insulate Britain activists staged five-week, 14-day protests, often in various parts of the London Bypass. During these arrests several hundred were made, although, as the media showed, the siege was actually organized by a small group of the same people who, after their release, began the next procedure in the following days.

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The group is asking the UK government to make a binding commitment to isolate all 29 million leaking British homes by 2030 and all social housing by 2025, thus reducing energy consumption and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

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