This is one of the most anticipated premieres in recent months. “Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland” with the wonderful Angelina Jolie as the mother will soon be performing in theaters. Who was Peter before becoming Peter Pan, and what did Alice do before she went to Wonderland? Watch the trailer!

Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland It is the untold story of brother and sister – tireless adventurers. The siblings want to change the fate of their families, and they embark on a very exciting and surprising mission, thanks to which an unexpectedly enchanted world opens up to them. He plays the role of their mother Angelina JolieWhile my dad is playing David OyelowoWho dazzled audiences around the world with his excellent role in the Oscar-winning movie “Salma”. The trailer for “Peter and Alice …” made us look forward to the premiere. You have to see it!

What is “Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland”?

Elijah (Keira Chansa) and her brother Piotr (Jordan A Nash) spend a happy summer in the English countryside. With encouragement from their parents – Jacek and Rose (David Oyelowo and Angelina Jolie), they move into the realm of fantasy – organizing tea parties, fighting with wooden swords and having crazy adventures aboard pirate ships. Their happiness ends when their parents face a serious problem. Wanting to help the family, Piotr and Alicja set out to London to sell a valuable souvenir. Their journey begins with a fantastic adventure, during which Alice will discover a mysterious rabbit hole, and Peter will enter the world of fantasy as the brave leader of the Lost Boys. What happens next will change the fate of the siblings and will be remembered forever.

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Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland – When will the premiere be?

The film’s director is Brenda Chapman, a winner of the American Film Academy, who has created and co-produced works such as: “Merida Brave”, “The Lion King” (new release), “Cars” or “Beauty and the Beast”. Her latest work, “Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland”, will be shown in theaters on June 25, 2021.

Check out the fairy tale trailer now!

Produce: USA / UK 2020

distribution: The world of cinema

direction: Brenda Chapman (“Merida Brave”, “Prince of Egypt”)

Scenario: Marisa Kate Goodhill

Tossing: Angelina Jolie (“The Witch,” “Mr. , “Dark Matter”), Gogo Mbatha Rowe (“Cloverfield paradox”, “Alon against all”), Michael Kane (“The Dark Knight Rises”, “Tenet”), David Gyasi (“Cloud Atlas”, “The Witch 2” )

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