Beautiful dresses, impeccable manners and a touch of glamor – this is what the fashion chain is associated with. What should they have? Of course with novels! Most of the Victorious TV series, which take place a hundred years ago, are inspired by stories written in the books. Some of them are classics of real literature, just like novels Tołstoja’s Law, Jane Austen I am Victor Hugo.

in time. Novels by Julia Quinn

This is fun for those who want to be informed, because at the end of 2020 the series “Bridgertons” is in vogue. According to data provided by Netflix, within a month of the premiere, it was watched in up to 82 million households, making it the most popular series in the platform’s history.

As a result of the high viewership on the series and books as well Julie Quinn They became a bestseller again. According to Amazon statistics, it is currently in the twenty best purchased books. Popular also visible on the site, because the book ‘Someone loved me’, The second part of the course Bridgertonoy, Break into December trend chart. Let us remind you that the series about love and social intrigue, which was shown in Great Britain in the 1820s, made its debut on Netflix only on December 25 …

Historic Scotland as photographed by Diana Gabaldon

The antics Diana GabaldonThe series “Outlander” has been on the screens for 7 years. In 2021, he will start working on the set of the sixth season of the adventures of Claire Randall and her husband Jimmy Fraser, moving to the past. Material from upcoming episodes will definitely suffice for filmmakers. Epic Diano Gabaldon It’s really beefy, the later parts of the course are over 1,000 pages long, which results in breaking it up into smaller volumes. They also have thousands of readers, including Jamie fans. In books of the series “alien” (It started with a novel with the same title) It has already been rated more than 5000 times. To date, 8 novels of Diana Gabaldon have been published. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2016, the author revealed that there are likely ten volumes in total. She also announced what the end of the entire story would look like. One of the last scenes in the series is Explaining the Riddle from Volume 1, in which Frank, Claire’s husband since today, sees a man who looks like Jimmy through the window.

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The series Outlander

Suggestions from the classics of literature

Pride and Prejudice Jane AustenLeo Tolstoy I am Jane Austen They are names that only book lovers know. Their novels are the cornerstone of modern literature and their content is timeless. Little wonder, then, that they have both been shown so many times, whether in terms of movies or series. Show the life of high-end English society “Pride and prejudice” Jane Austen has been taken to the small screen by the British BBC six times. One of the most important projects was the one back in 1995, in which Colin Firth played the role of Mr. Darcy. Also ‘Thoughtful and Romantic’, The first published novel by an English writer, we have been able to watch it many times on television. As in the case of “Pride and Prejudice”, the series is produced by the British BBC.

War and Peace TolstoyInterestingly, we also owe the British to the production based on the work of … Leo Tolstoy. Tolstujosska “war and peace” It is a Russian patriotic epic about the fate of the Empire’s citizens during the Napoleonic Wars. Due to faithfully recreated historical background and an impressive story, the writer’s works, born in 1828 in Jasna Polana, have received many adaptations on the screen. Including the most famous movie, from 2016, by the British, starring James Norton, Paul Dano and Lily James.

Anna Karenina ToastogAlso “I’m Karenina, A timeless story about the tragic love of Duchess Anna and Count Alexig Wronsky, has become an inspiration for many filmmakers around the world. In addition to various movie adaptations (in 2012, Keira Knightley starred in the title role), there were also serials. The latest version of 2017 was destined for Russia. Its creator is Karen Shahnazarov.

Each of Tolstoy’s novels, as well as Jane Austen’s aforementioned Pride and Prejudice, were included in the prestigious list of the 100 best books of the Norwegian Book Club, that is, the list of the 100 most important books in history (mainly novels). This list was created by the votes of the authors invited to participate in its creation in 2002.

A tale of corruption, greed, betrayal and sin

The Borgia familyPlots of a family whose name has always been synonymous with power, corruption and crime – the infamous Borjias. Against the background of the colorful hustle and bustle of the Italian Renaissance, the game of death is played, the share of which is the power over the center of the world at that time, that is, Rome. to me Mario PuzoThe author of the book ‘The Borgia family’The origins of the Italian mafia must be viewed precisely in the fifteenth century, in the times of the powerful Borgia family, and in the papal office. And Puzo knows what to write about; After all, from his pen was one of the most important mafia novels in the world, that is “The Godfather”.
Based on “The Borgia Family”, a 29-episode series with an excellent cast was created, led by Jeremy Irons, Francois Arnault and Holiday Grainger in the lead roles.

Not only the elite. “Les Miseries” by Victor Hugo

Nędznicy Victor HugoIt cannot be forgotten that history, although written most often by the elite, should not be merely a picture of the lives of the wealthy and the most important. After all, most of society belongs to the lower classes. Adam Leszynski In your “History of the people of Poland” He says his book should be a story of “90% of the lower class of society – people ruled, not ruled; the poor, not the rich. Usually uneducated and always subject to power.”

Victor Hugo had a similar goal when he wrote his book Les Misérables in the nineteenth century. His novel was meant to be a panoramic picture of the entire French society of the nineteenth century and an interpretation of the author’s views on issues of a just social order, the fight against poverty and exclusion. Hugo created a novel that exposes good and bad moral behavior patterns, and he criticizes the latter of course. The author, citing Jean-Bertrand Barrier, argued that an account of material poverty must have a spiritual character, since this phenomenon requires a divine intervention against human actions, and thus divine judgment.

The main character in Hugo’s book is Jean Valjean, who was released from prison. Hence also the attention of the director of the series “Les Miserables”, which is the latest adaptation of “Les Miserables”. Its stars are Dominic West, David Oyelow, Olivia Coleman, and Lily Collins. It was produced for the needs of the BBC, of ​​course.

Danielle Brule as Laszlo Chrysler in the Alienista TV series

The crime costume? please enter

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Curious bookMan-made novels, romances, and historical novels, as well as crime novels. The famous series “Alienista”, which is set at the end of the nineteenth century, is an adaptation of books Calipa Kara. a novel “Foreigner” It perfectly combines elements of historical, psychological and thriller novels, giving an amazing picture of New York in an era of great change. The main character is Laszlo Chrysler, who uses all his information to pierce the darkest breaks in the mind of a serial killer and thus find his trail.

continuation “Alienisty” is being “dark Angel”. Its events also take place in the late nineteenth century in the United States; This time, we must uncover the cruel mystery of death to the children with Stevie Tagger, a former member of the strange investigation group led by Laszlo Chrysler.

The Poles do not goose and have their own fashion chain

The centenary of comet Albina GrabowskaAlthough unlike the novels mentioned above, the events of the series below take place in the 20th century and is a time most readers should remember, we decided the novels should not be skipped. Alpina Grabowska. The “centenary of the offender” It is a best-selling family story. The story of the Winny family from Brwinów near Warsaw is woven into the fate of the most important events for our country of the last century. It started just before World War I, when the first twin of the Winnie family is born. Future generations of the Winnie family will be able to experience everything the Poles went through in the twentieth century – the horrors of war and the country’s post-war reconstruction, the economic crisis and empty shelves, martial law and mass intimidation, the fall of socialism, first free elections, then struggle with just the hard reality He regained freedom. On the basis of the Grabowska trilogy, Polish TV presented a series in which Kinga Preis, Jan Wieczorkowski, Zuzanna Lit and Olaf Lubaszenko starred. So far, two seasons have been published; The third resurgence will begin on March 7.

What other accounts would you like to add to the list that we have published?

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