Pep Guardiola Manchester City’s least-returning goal at the start of the Premier League season in 14 years is believed to be due to its failure to find a flexible way for his team to play.

City scored only ten times in its first eight matches, its lowest level since the 2006-2007 season, with a -1 goal difference. However, they are in great shape in the Champions League, knowing that beating Olympiacos on Wednesday will lift them to 12 points and guarantee qualification.

Guardiola denied that the failure to score league goals was due to lack of courage before the goal. “The players are very brave,” he said. “Reason [for this] He is the manager – I have to find a way, use their qualities and adapt to them. I have to tweak something, to make them feel that we can create more. Help is in my hand.

“We know we are a team that scored a lot last season but now we struggle. We have to find solutions. We have the players to find the right way to attack with fluency and I have a feeling that we can score goals. The way we play is very good, I am very happy. Sometimes we need clear chances to score.”

“But the moment we break one or two of these kinds of things, we will get better. The season is still young and I am quite optimistic that we will have a good season.”

City lost 2-0 to Tottenham on Saturday, the second loss came from a counterattack. The director denied that opponents acted as a security vulnerability.

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Guardiola said: “They are running [break] Twice in 90 minutes. The second was fantastic – Harry Kane’s bravery [to drop deep and create]. They had four shots and two goals: congratulations.

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“All the teams are defending in depth – except for Liverpool and Chelsea – and you have to find a way to avoid that. This is not a big problem now. It’s the fluidity of the attack and the creation of more opportunities. I have to know exactly what we need to do and how to help them do that.”

In four attempts, Guardiola has not made it past the Champions League quarter-finals. He denied that directing the club to win the European Cup for the first time devoured him. He said, “It’s not an obsession.” “We want to do better [we can]. “Only the wounded Nathan Aki is absent.