The topic of backward compatibility on Sony consoles has been very hot lately. All thanks to the mysterious information about the project called PlayStation Plus Spartacus. According to the first information, it is supposed to be a service with which we will get the opportunity to play titles from old Sony consoles. Hopes woke up, so from that moment fans react more spontaneously to every – even the smallest detail -.

This happened yesterday, when a very mysterious advertisement appeared on Twitter for the Japanese branch of PlayStation. The post states that 1, 2 and 3 are very important logos for the brand and on January 23 a brand new ad will appear, in which we will be able to hear the star of the music scene from the land of the rising sun, Kenichi Yonezu. Admittedly, it looked very promising, and it’s no surprise that the news made such a fussEspecially after the infusion on Spartacus mentioned above.

Kenshi Yonezu will appear in a new ad on PlayStation.

1, 2 and 3 are logos for the PlayStation.
We start on January 23rd.


Admittedly, it’s no surprise that information causes a lot of noise. I admit to myself that I very quickly began searching online to find more information on what this collaboration could be. Of course, inviting a celebrity to such an announcement would be a point of attraction and could add everything, but … Unfortunately, we will wait for backward compatibility. The answer came alone, and in the evening on the same account A brief explanation of the entire procedure appeared on Twitter.

Kenshi Yonezu will appear in a new commercial.
Debut of the new song “POP SONG”.

1, 2 and 3 are watchwords for PlayStation. Today, ‘123 Early Access’ will appear randomly on PS5/PS4.

It turns out that Kenshi Yonezu will appear in the new PlayStation commercial To present his new song titled “POP SONG”.. The ad itself is not supposed to be associated with any ad, and “1, 2, 3” is a reference only to previous Sony consoles and a set with the release date of the ad, which will be January 1.23, i.e. January 23. Anyway, we might even have been able to look up the ad, which has been hanging on the PlayStation Japan channel as “unlisted” since January 17th. You can check it out below, although there are no rumors about Spartacus out there: