New apartments on the estate Paderewski can be created thanks to “lex developer”. Some residents announced that they would stop investing. Although there is no discussion about it. Now all you need is the approval of the advisors.

60 days – this is how long the application for locating a residential investment in real estate Padreevsky must be considered by the city. This is the second application during the year regarding the Mujahideen region. Sowiński, who went to the office. Although the space between Damrota and Graniczna Streets is not extensively developed, this part of the estate can be crowded. Especially by clients and petitioners of institutions and companies operating in the vicinity of apartment blocks.This is one of the reasons why some residents do not want more apartment buildings here. The estate’s residents were against it a year ago. At that time, the situation was almost the same. At the end of 2020, Millenium Inwestycje decided to apply for housing development, using private law, the so-called “developer lex”. In February 2021, board members voted on a resolution on the matter, thus allowing the investment. The building is still under design, but works are in an advanced stage.

Now not only is the site the same, but the design is also almost the same. Once again, the investor, this time the company Oriens Style, applied to the city for the possibility of building apartments. Once again, the stylist took over the power of attorney, that is, Studio Conure. This week, its owner was persuading councilors to build another building of the same type. – We have already successfully applied for the acquisition of a residential and service building of the same function and dimensions, which will be built in this place. With a touch of fate, which I am very happy with, the investor in a neighboring plot would like to carry out a very similar investment, creating a very interesting residential and service complex He said Thomas Konyor He added that the new building is the most advantageous for this part of the city and the region. In his opinion, this space requires the development of high-quality multifunctional buildings. The architect argued that the facade, according to the visualizations, would be used to form outdoor gardens and green terraces. In turn, a garden space will be created between the buildings, which will be owned by two different companies.Investment in this place does not coincide with the local spatial development plan, which provides for the development of service here. Therefore, the investor uses lex developer. In the second building, 85 to 110 apartments will be built, and the building will have 10 or 11 floors.
It is planned that there will be from 179 to 231 parking spaces, 30% of which will be public. There will be 26 above-ground parking spaces, the rest will be in a two-level underground garage. The residential function in the facility must be completed with commercial buildings with a total area of ​​1200 to 1800 square meters.

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Although these plans were met with critical opinions of residents, the Internet was primarily vocal. There were no discussions or questions during the city development commission, as councilors gave a positive opinion of the idea. And now the draft resolution in this matter will be referred to the city council session next Thursday, January 27. If there is a vote, it will be a green light for the investor. The first step would be to demolish the two-storey office building located there.