Online activities primarily dominate advertising nowadays. However, this does not mean that you can forget about its other forms, those in the real world. On the contrary, it should be estimated and prepared in the same way as online advertising. Find out why you should choose outbound marketing at all and what solutions to use in it.

External advertising, what is it?

As the name suggests, outdoor ads are placed in the outside world around us. This is the type of marketing we encounter most often because we can’t really skip it. Our eyes slide over it when we go out every day: no matter if it’s a big billboard, a small billboard, or a screen placed somewhere in the city.

Its advantage is that it fits perfectly into the urban space and fits into the landscape wherever desired. Moreover, it can take many forms, from still drawings to wonderful recordings that are projected on city screens. Thanks to this wealth of forms and diversity, it affects more people.

Always there when we need it most

Outdoor advertisements are not invasive, occur constantly next to them, and catch the eye when we need them most, for example while waiting for a bus at a station or standing in a traffic jam. Therefore, you can gain much more clients from online advertising. The latter is bypassed or blocked by many people. Moreover, consumers often find them intrusive, unnecessary and annoying.

External advertisements are not viewed as such. All because it helps diversify the urban space and attract attention and entertainment where we want to diversify. As a result, it elicits positive associations, and repeating it several times, for example during a daily drive to work, means that recipients remember it better.

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long ranges

Another undoubted advantage of outdoor advertising is its huge ranges, which significantly exceed those that we can observe in the case of traditional or online advertising. Large billboards, small billboards, posters or LCD screens – all fit together and together affect thousands of recipients. This effect cannot be achieved in any other way, because it is not possible to completely delete external ads. It is striking and has a subconscious effect, which makes most people remember it better than any other ad.

Do you want to know the possibilities offered by marketing in the urban space? if so, Poznan advertising agency I have prepared for you a wide offer, thanks to which you will be able to get acquainted with the advantages of outdoor advertising and decide to invest in this type of marketing.

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