Problems accessing DDR5 RAM? For ASUS engineers, this is not a problem – the manufacturer came up with the idea of ​​u200bu200bsetting … an adapter that allows you to install old DDR4 modules in their place. However, this is not a perfect solution.

The new Intel processors (12th generation) support DDR4 and DDR5 RAM. Modern units offer better performance, but their availability is currently very limited. It turns out there is a way! Old units can be installed on new panels.

How can DDR4 memory be installed on a DDR5 board?

How do I do it? As you probably know, DDR4 memory is not compatible with a DDR5 memory slot (and vice versa). In theory, motherboards could be designed with slots that support both standards, but this would either complicate board construction or reduce the performance of the memory subsystem.

z DDR5 to DDR4 Converter

ASUS has found another solution to the problem – an adapter that allows you to install DDR4 modules on the motherboard under DDR5 memory (it is also responsible for changing the power supply and signal conversion). However, it should be noted that the adapter is still at the prototype stage (the equipment will be improved later) and you cannot combine two types of memory here (DDR4 and DDR5).

Below you will find a video explaining the problem of combining two types of memory on the Intel platform and showing the work of the adapter (you speak Chinese, so we recommend using machine translation).

Play the video

Curiosity’s DDR5 to DDR4 Converter

Could this adapter be a lifesaver for people with high-end motherboards in times of trouble with the availability of DDR5 modules? not nessacary. Instead, it should be treated as a curiosity that will never be put up for sale. But as you can see – it is possible.

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