The OPPO smartphone with an under-display camera will appear tomorrow. It will be a great day for fans of modern phones – the camera at the bottom of the screen will change the rules of the game.

OPPO had a relationship with the under-display selfie camera in 2019, when a modern first-generation camera appeared. Unfortunately, the phone was never sold with it and we can deal with the taste.

OPPO and a webcam under the screen: Episode Two

However, OPPO intends to return to the game tomorrow – we found out unexpectedly The unusual premiere will take place on August 4. Will it be a business smartphone this time ZTE Axon 30? We are counting on it, but we can’t be sure of this scenario.

Photo by OPPO

Webcam under the second generation screen directed improve image quality, Which are the biggest problems. The light must reach the lens through the display layers, which must ensure normal image quality where the lens is located – matching the camera to the screen is a challenge for engineers.

OPPO will talk about its innovations tomorrow, then we will find out if the quality of the selfie camera meets expectations. Without achieving high standards, OPPO will definitely not release a phone with a sub-camera, but let’s hope for a positive scenario – after all, hidden cameras are the defining smartphones of the future.

Other manufacturers will soon decide on a similar technological leap – we know about the webcam that can be found at the bottom of the Samsung screen Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the camera Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. These first renders will open the way to a whole host of devices.

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