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All Donald Trump’s money. Hitting the ‘Trump brand’ wouldn’t be the worst [OKO NA ŚWIAT]

Associated Committees Donald Trumpm Opened in July 2021 with a total of 102 million dollar Cash reserves, despite the fact that the businessman has not held the position of president for six months, and is also absent from social media.

Writes CNN“Trump’s unsuccessful fundraising efforts were motivated by his baseless allegations of election fraud that led to a loss in last year’s election.” The Guardian adds that the former president is a “one-man fundraising machine”. Donald Trump himself said in his statement that donations to the commissions were evidence of “the discontent shared by donors” as well as their “willingness to fight for the truth.”

“Trump will not leave politics, he has a taste for power” [WYWIAD]

$102 million in the Trump Committee’s account. Will a businessman fight for re-election?

Last November, shortly after losing the presidential election, Trump established the Political Action Committee to Save America — and this is where most of the former president’s cash reserves are kept. At the end of June, $90 million was already in the account. Pieni ± dze From the committee mainly to make statements with the support of his favorite candidates.

“In accordance with FEC regulations, the Commission has a lot of wiggle room in the use of its funds” – wrote Reuters He adds that $102 million in cash raised by the former president’s committees could help him “make a significant impact ahead of next year’s elections.” The businessman suggested that in 2024 he would fight for the presidency again.

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Marjorie Taylor GreenThe Republican representative compared wearing masks to the Holocaust

Democrats are bidding on Republicans with donations. More than 100 million dollars

Republicans using the WinRed payment processor raised $258 million in the first half of the year. – the Republican Party No money was raised on this scale by Donald Trump – he saidNew York TimesBrad Parscale, Trump’s first campaign manager last year.

However, Reuters notes that Republicans will fight a “well-funded slate in the upcoming elections.” DemocratsMeanwhile, they have raised $373 million in online donations through ActBlue.