Great Britain is another country that decided to conduct a pilot study to verify Whether the four-day working regimen brings benefits. However, for the first time, it took such a large scale. During the six-month trial period, employees will receive 100 percent of wages for 80 percent of working hours – Reports the BBC.

The authors of the project are 4 days a global weekand scientists from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, as well as experts and analysts from Boston College from the Autonomy Research Centre. Take part in the experience Companies from many industries In different parts of Great Britain. Among them, among others Charity OrganizationAnd the Labor recruitment companyAnd the Medical device manufacturerAnd the programs developer if Local fish and chips shop – We read on the BBC.

In total, he will participate in the experiment More than 3000 employees. Testing will start from June to December 2022. During this time, the project organizers would like to have an answer to the question of whether the merger is possible Shorten the work week while maintaining the current salary of employees and increase their productivity. An essential part of research is also improve working conditions Brits.

This is a historical show in Great Britain Juliet Shore, Principal Investigator of the 4 Days of the Week Global Project and an economist and sociologist at Boston College.

Both employees and business owners involved in the British project are satisfied and say so This is the time for such experiences.

The pandemic has made us think a lot about how people organize their lives. We do this for Improving the quality of life of our employees And be part of the constant change in the world It will improve people’s mental health and well-being said Sam Smith, co-founder of Pressure Drop Brewery in Tottenham, north London.

One of the study participants is auto mechanic Craig Carmichael. He has no doubts about it An extra day off will motivate him to work harder.

“If I know that I have to do everything in four days to enjoy an extra day, that is a good incentive to work even harder,” he explained.

So, could the 20th century concept of a five-day work week soon become a thing of the past? The new business model has many supporters, but there are also skeptical voices.

There are services where a four-day work week is not a realistic option. Examples the doctorswho are already struggling to ensure adequate visits to their GP. How could they take 25 percent more patients during the day? asked Julian Jessup, an independent staff member at the Institute of Economic Affairs, quoted by the BBC.

Similar to Great Britain Trials related to the four-day working week are also conducted in IrelandAnd the United StateAnd the AustraliaAnd the Canada And the New Zealand – Reports the BBC.

However, this so far Iceland It is included in the largest beta program. Participate in two studies 1 percent of Icelandic workersThis is it More than 2.5 thousand people. Show results analysis No decrease in productivity or quality of services provided. In addition, study participants indicated that thanks to the reduced number of working hours they can Spend more time in sports and social activities.

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