Nintendo canceled the live broadcast of Splatoon 2 Today’s North American Open event after more than 30 percent of competing teams had names showing support for Melee social communication.

The company cited “unexpected implementation challenges” as the reason for canceling the broadcast. Several players and tournament organizers directly cited the open team support of the Melee community as the reason for Nintendo’s decision.

This support for Melee Society is a response to Nintendo shuts down the big houseOne of the biggest annual tournaments for Super Smash Bros. As the organizers are planning to run Melee An event using a community developed mod that allows the game to run online.

After Nintendo made the decision, many other communities, including some of the Nintendo titles revolving around the Nintendo titles, spoke out to support Melee And the Smashing social communication. Whether that support came in the form of sharing stories about how Nintendo messed with the competitive landscape arms And the Splatoon Over the years or just spreading the word, there has been a significant batch of nonSmashing Players who helped raise awareness of the situation.

The Splatoon 2 The competitive community continued to show enormous support for Melee A scene, with several teams using names like “Meleetation” and “Element fRee.” MeleeAnd simply “#FreeMelee” as their competitive names in the NA Open Finals. Nintendo then canceled the live broadcast of the event, citing “unexpected executive challenges” as the reason.

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In addition to the names assigned to Melee Community, one of the first six teams also used a link as their team name, which took users to an inappropriate video about turkey bread.

Smashing And the Splatoon Tournament organizer SlimyQuagsire explained that this was entirely Nintendo’s decision and had nothing to do with any of the TOS or broadcasters who brought him in to help with the event.

“This is damage control and direct spit in the face for all of their custom competitive scenes,” Sully said He said. “But we are not surprised.”

Nintendo hasn’t released a public statement about canceling the NA Open broadcast yet, but the message has been clarified in the Discord server used to organize the event. And according to Other messages inside the server, It does not appear that other players or commentators will be able to broadcast and broadcast the event.

Users who had access to the NA Open Discord copied and pasted a message into various channels, dumped it, and then left the server shortly after. The message is as follows:

“Year is 20XX. Every official internet broadcast has no viewers because grassroots organizations have usurped all esports streams. Nintendo is destitute and bankrupt, its only source of income is through taxing sold copies of melee, CRTs, and gamecubes. Society has evolved to the point. That with an electronic implant, you can call directly to netplay and shine on your opponent while broadcasting without complaint DMCA and Nintendo’s C&D message. Doug Bowser is the last human being alive without an implant, and he’s found cold and naked, wondering why everyone is constantly talking about the wave.

#freemelee ”

Just like when it’s a Splatoon The community came out first to support Melee Thanks to the community, tournament organizers, players, and teams all Splatoon Teams and players support them.

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It’s unclear how Nintendo would react going forward looking at the players inside any of them Smash Ultimate Online event, arms Tournaments, or even play in Pokemon A competition can easily change their tag or title to show support Melee.