The last day of the Games did not bring Poland a medal, but we witnessed a beautiful gesture. It was made by Piotr Michalski, who was close to the podium twice in Beijing.

Daoud Jura

Daoud Jura

Peter Michalsky

PAP / Grzegorz Momot / Pictured: Piotr Michalski

– In the medal standings, the Polish national team took the fatal 27th place, the last team to win a medal. We win one which is awarded to the lowest score on the podium. And in our case, this medal was a sensation. This is the reality of Polish winter sports – comments David Jura, journalist at WP SportoweFakty.

In the end, the Norwegians won the overall classification. The Germans came in second, and the Chinese came in third.

– Piotr Michalski, who was holding the Polish flag, was a beautiful accent at the end of the Olympics. He wrote on social media that he would like to use this symbol to thank all those who supported the Polish team in the fight for “our dreams and yours”. Just Michalski is a player who was definitely not a medal candidate, losing just 0.03 seconds in the 500m competition. At the longest distance – by 0.08, it was very close to the podium. He gave us tremendous feelings. He is 27 years old, so he will still bring us many beautiful moments – the journalist confirms.

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