Comments from both coaches after the match. Head coach Maciej Skorża and host host Tomasz Kaczmarek at the post-match press conference after the PKO Ekstraklasa’s Round 22 football match for the 2021/2022 season, Lechia Gdańsk – KKS Lech Poznań played on Sunday, February 20, 5:30 p.m.

Maciej Skorża (Lech coach):“In the first half we controlled this match, we played as we planned. We also created situations, but we didn’t succeed, and due to the ineffectiveness of this we pushed in the second half, where fifteen minutes into the second half we got a little bit out of control and left Lecha some space in the line. The second and they managed to face more. But in truth, these counterattacks did not produce anything bad, unfortunately one constant part where our area did not win the ball, this fell under the feet of the Lecía player and they scored a goal. The result is harsh for us, needless to say whether it Fair or unfair because this is the ball, but we don’t have time to get into a bad and tragic mood. We have a short time to prepare for the next match, I hope our attacking force will be a little stronger in Szczecin. I can also see some advantages in our game, our players are playing more and more after Injuries, and today Joao Amaral played a few minutes and I hope we can quickly get back on track and win matches like today in our group. Favorability.”

“During the break we were very sensitive to play with acceleration under the opponent’s goal. Of course I have to analyze this match, but as we mentioned earlier, we left a lot of room for the opponent in this second half. I think the tactical discipline has changed a little bit, but I don’t think it was because of Our mental mistake.We know very well what we are playing for and we have a lot of motivation for the players before every game.

Joao Amaral had one training session before this match with the team, and the medical staff suggested he not play in the match for more than 20 minutes. This situation on the field, when we saw that in the second half we miss the ball under the opponent’s penalty area, this movement into the space behind the Lecía defense line, I decided then that Joao should have entered the field, but there is no need to cheat that it is not Joao this is from Krakow “.

“I hope that after losing the leader, the match in Szczecin will motivate us even more to win there and regain that position.”

Tomas Kazmarek (Lecia coach):“Winning 1-0 is very nice, it’s important for our mentality and awareness. We didn’t play at our highest level, we had a lot of respect for the opponent, Lech was good with the ball in the first half, we had a hard time pressing. We played the ball very slowly and controlled the ball. We were a better team then, and we reacted well. We didn’t create many chances for ourselves. These victories allow the team to reach a higher level, and allow them to believe we can win with the best. Congratulations to the players for today’s success.”

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