The Ministry of Health has reported 12 more cases Corona Virus Related deaths.

Eight of these deaths occurred during the current reporting period and four outside, according to the Health Department.

The ministry says the death toll in Northern Ireland now stands at 752.

Thursday’s dashboard update reported 516 more positive cases of the virus, bringing the total number of positive cases to 41,374 since the start of the epidemic.

During the past seven days, Section It says 4,256 people have tested positive for the virus in Northern Ireland.

There are currently 409 confirmed patients for Covid-19 in hospital and 49 in intensive care.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Robin Swan announced that StopCOVID NI app Soon you’ll be providing individual recommended expiration dates for self-isolation.

The updated version of the app will be released before the end of November and will confirm the end date of the user’s self-isolation period, as announced on Thursday.

Welcoming the new development, the Minister of Health said: “The balance has been between privacy and accuracy – we now have enough app users, and enough positive test results, to make this information available through the app, without compromising anonymity.

“Comments through our app support line indicate a general desire for more precision in the self-isolation period, linking the advice to a history of actual ‘close contact’ with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19.”