Padraig Amund’s first goal this season was Newport County’s victory over Watford

Newport County shocked Watford in the tournament to reach the fourth round of the League Cup for the first time.

Tristan Abrahams put Newport ahead from the penalty spot after Toby Stevenson missed Brandon Cooper, before captain Gus Labade made it 2-0 from 20 yards.

Adalberto Pinaranda’s penalty gave Watford hope, but Padrig Amund took advantage of Daniel Phillips’ mistake to regain the lead with two goals.

Watford substitute Step Brecca was fired late for hitting Cooper’s elbow.

With the Hornets thinking about a miserable night in South Wales, where they finished with 10 men and lost to a side that were three fewer than them last season, Newport could look forward to a fourth-round clash at home against Morecambe or Newcastle United.

It’s the second scalp tournament for a boycott campaign, from They beat Swansea 2-0 in the first round Thanks to Abrahams’ double whammy, he beat Cambridge United by one goal in the second round.

Line up


  • 30Townsend
  • 6Cooper
  • 8Dolan
  • 28Demetrio
  • 32Sheppard
  • 4ForeverBooked in 42 minutesReplaced withCollinsin a 82 ‘Minutes
  • 10Sheehan
  • 17BennettBooked in 80 minutesReplaced withWillmottin a 82 ‘Minutes
  • 3Heinz
  • 11Abrahams
  • 9Amund


  • 1king
  • 2Baker
  • 7Willmott
  • 19Twine
  • 20Paradise
  • 21Collins
  • 29Taylor

Charles Prixbury

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