New ugly YouTube line art icons coming to Android

New ugly YouTube line art icons coming to Android

YouTube is arguably the largest visual platform in the world, and it is a redesign Play UI on Android TV To add prof New button in the bottom navigation barThe YouTube team is constantly looking for ways to improve the interface. The icons used in the Android app haven’t seen major changes since then Material Update 2017But that now appears to be about to change – not necessarily for the better.

These new icons are minimal, with thin lines that remind the mind Spotify app or Older iOS versions. From the bottom navigation bar, to the video playback screen, to the app settings, these new icons are popping up everywhere – the icons might be small, but this change will definitely change the overall look of the YouTube app significantly.

The color of the selected icons is also more pronounced, going from muted shades of gray to black (in the light theme) and white (in the dark theme). Compare some of the codes for yourself below:

the left: Old right: new

These icons began appearing on iOS devices earlier this summer. While some had hoped it was only iOS, this is clearly not the case. We’ve received reports that they are starting to appear on Android in beta 15.41.32 of the YouTube app. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the redesign. Old icons looked a bit long in the teeth, but they were, I dare say, Creator.

However, YouTube seems to stick. Now that the new icons are featured on both iOS and Android, I wouldn’t be surprised if they found their way to the desktop in order to unify YouTube’s design across platforms.

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