Battlefield 3 may encounter a second youngster in 2022. The Reality Moda authors are slowly finishing work on a very ambitious project that has been developing for years.

There are many players who dream of a more realistic combat atmosphere and do not necessarily like the ARMA series. Created for them Reality Mod that will be released for Battlefield 3. The project will work with Battlefield 3 on PC, only with all DLC installed (on Steam and Origin).

The authors of Reality Moda have been preparing their work at least since 2019, and in recent days have published the first game, showing the project in action. The creators assure that the works are nearing the end. Details of the mod’s premiere will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Reality Mod will bring a new layer of original battlefield experiences to Battlefield 3, similar to those in “Project Reality”, released by fans for Battlefield 2. It’s all about the requirements for improving teamwork during skirmishes with over a hundred players on the server. Totally in fashion The interface has been changed, communication options have been improved, new maps and object models, fun modes have been added, and the graphics have been improved He made a number of adjustments to the balance of play. In the coming weeks, the authors of the project will present it to the distribution in the alpha version.