The most famous movie in Netflix history – the adventure of “Red Note” – will have two sequels. Given Rawson Marshall Thurber’s ending and popularity, the decision to move forward was just a formality. The portal informed Deadline that not one, but two strings would be generated. Netflix has not officially confirmed this information yet.

The stunt by the broadcast giant has paid off. Originally, The Red Note was to be released in cinemas by Universal Pictures. These plans were revised due to the film’s stated budget. Along with the stardom of the stars and the director, she will reach $200 million. Because of the high cost, Universal pulled out, but Netflix took over production. Thus, “Red Note” became the most expensive movie in the history of this streaming platform.

The protagonist of “Red Note” is an FBI agent (played by Dwayne Johnson), who joins forces with a famous art thief (Ryan Reynolds). All this to catch the legendary thief known under the pseudonym Laufer (Gal Gadot). The goal of the conspiracy taking place around the world is to find three precious eggs that once belonged to Queen Cleopatra.

Although “Red Note” was not well received by critics – the film received only 26 percent. Positive reviews about “Rotten Tomatoes” – viewers confirmed the success of the film. According to data provided by Netflix, Rawson Marshall Thurber has been watched for nearly 330 million hours, making it the most popular production on Netflix. It surpassed “Don’t Open Your Eyes”, which was watched for 282 million hours.

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We will have to wait for the next versions of the “Red Note”. The actors who appear in it are some of the most sought-after movie stars today. The creators of the series hope that it will be possible to start filming for the sequel in early 2023. Sources quoted by the “Deadline” portal claim that the intention of the creators of the series is to add more stars to it and create a series similar to the one that started the movie “Ocean’s Eleven: Risky Game” “. (life PAP)

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