Comedian Pete Davidson’s streak continues. Having played the role of Judd Apatow’s Staten Island King, he quickly finds another venture to get involved in. The biographical film will be “I slept with Joy Ramon”, in which he will play Ramonis’ legendary singer, Joy Ramon. The movie will be created for the Netflix streaming platform.

Ramones was founded in Queens, New York in 1974 and is considered the first player in the world to play punk rock. The unrelated members of the group bore the artistic nicknames “Ramon”, which gave the group its name. In 1976, thanks to the concerts of this band in Great Britain, the English punk scene was born. Ramones played together until 1996. Today, none of the group’s founders is alive. Joy Ramon died in 2001 due to cancer of the lymph system.

According to Variety, Joy’s heirs gave Ramon the green light to start production. The scenario “I slept with Joy Ramon” will be based on the same-titled diary written by singer’s brother Mickey Lee.

“When you share a bed with someone – but not just a bed, but also childhood, family, and life – you get to know that person better than anyone else. Not only has Mickey Lee cooperated with his older brother’s team. He also has irreplaceable memories and insight into Scientist Joey Ramone. He supported him when no one else did, and watched how he overcame all adversity in a dramatic way. “I Grown Up With Joey Ramone” is a wonderful rock anthem that will turn into an equally gigantic biological movie. To be a global family story at the same time, The film’s producer, Adam Vogelson, confirms.

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The film’s director will be Jason Orly, who will also write the script with Pete Davidson. Both creators have already collaborated on the comedy “Big Time Adolescence” as of 2019, as well as in the movie “Pete Davidson: Alive From New York”. (Life PAP)

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