Google Earth is one of the most interesting Google services that allows each of us to explore the most remote and inaccessible corners of the world on the screen of a computer or smartphone. Now, Google has added another element to this unique map of Earth – the passage of time. Here’s the new Timelapse feature.

Google Earth It was created in 2001. During this time, Google has focused on creating a virtual 3D version of Earth that reflects our planet down to the last detail. Now, however, Google has added to this cool Fourth Dimension Maps.

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Google unveiled today Time clapper – The biggest update to Google Earth since 2017. Thanks to that, you can look at our planet from a whole new perspective – time passing. Used to create Timelapse in Google Earth 24 million photos 37 years ago, since 1984. There was also more uploaded to Timelapse 800 time-lapse movieshw 2D and 3D for general use.

In total, the implementation of this project requires more than 2 million processing hours On thousands of devices in Google Cloud to z 20 petabytes of graphics Create a massive 4.4 terapixel video mosaic – equivalent to 530K. 4K movies. As Google indicates, all of these calculations were done in carbon neutral and 100% renewable data centers.

When developing Timelapse, Google used the help of experts from the CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University, thanks to which the technology was created to make this idea a reality. Also, Timelapse in Google Earth wouldn’t be possible without it NASA and the Landsat program It was implemented by the United States Geological Survey, the world’s first civilian Earth observation program, and the European Union program Copernicus with Sentinel’s moons.

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To check how the world has changed, just go to Timelapse. You can use the search bar and locate anywhere on Earth, or you can open Google Earth and click on the steering wheel Find Timelapse on the storytelling platform, Voyager. There, Google offers interactive guided tours of the recommended sites, enriched with new images. Videos posted on Timelapse can be downloaded in MP4 format for use in any way or watched on YouTube.

As the creators argue, Timelapse in Google Earth allows you to monitor several important issues, such as Forest change, urban development, and warming Or the acquisition and use of energy sources. Tours in Google Earth with 4D technology make it easy to understand the changes on Earth and the way people have gone by. Of course, many places have changed slightly during these decades, but Timelapse allows you to observe the most significant ones, such as the transformation of the desert landscape in the United Arab Emirates into Dubai or Retreat of the Columbia Glacier In Alaska.

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